GT Kit Price List


Full monocoque package £5820.00

Complete reinforced GRP body riveted & bonded to our substantial steel chassis. Package comes complete with doors, bonnets, boot and engine cover.


Stage 1 assembly £1800.00 (plus monocoque package)

Stripping of MGTF donor and fitting of MGTF front and rear subframes to full rolling chassis stage ready for collection. All items to be retained from donor removed and boxed for customer’s convenience.


Full Lighting set £1295.00

Full headlight assemblies. Genuine OEM front indicator lenses & side repeater units. Rear light unit set including fog, reverse and number

plate lights to fit series 1 bumpers.


Glass package £2760.00

Glass package including OEM fitment laminated windscreen, toughened glass front quarter lights, rear quarter lights, side windows and polycarbonate rear window.


Wheels & tyres £2250.00

Set of 4 replica Cromodora CD1 15x7 rims and tyres, set can be drilled to individuals PCD.


Window frames £695.00

Complete set of window frames including front quarter light frames and main door frame assemblies. Includes window regulator frames


Door handles & locks £695.00

Original OEM outer door handle assemblies. DVT door locks, including latch sets and strikers.


Bumper set (Genuine OEM) £1895.00

OEM fitment series 1 stainless steel bumper set including rubbers.


Gear selector £195.00

Modified MGTF gear selector with stainless steel selector shaft.

(On exchange basis)


Dashboard & Binnacle £995.00

Complete dashboard moulding and binnacle cover supplied in black GRP ready for trimming.


Instruments & Senders £1175.00

Full set of classic style instruments to suit Dino replica includes all senders and fittings.


DVT GT Pedal Box £150.00

Specifically designed for the DVT GT and designed to take the donor MGTF brake master cylinder.


Interior trim set £650.00

Full set of interior trim panels finished and ready to fit.

Set includes 2 x door cards, 2 x top door panels, rear bulkhead panel trimmed in black vinyl** Boot carpet set also in black.


Complete fuel system £725.00

Full fuel system including twin wing mounted tanks, fuel lines, pump filters and filler hose. Fuel tanks are welded and pressure tested.


Heater controls (Genuine OEM) £595.00

Geniune Ferrari Dino heater controls. Fully assembled with correct decals and mounting brackets to take heater control cables. Also includes original style toggle switches.


Central tunnel & console £350.00

Complete central tunnel assembly supplied in black GRP, includes main central console with authentic stainless steel H gate.


Steering column modification £85.00

Modification to your donor steering column to fit DVT GT chassis.


OEM steering wheel £385.00

Original factory fitment steering wheel, as per original Dino.


Full OEM badge set £395.00

Set includes front nose bade, 4 x wheel badges, Dino script rear boot badge Pininfarina side badge & Dino horn push.


Most items required for you to complete your car are listed here and have been conveniently put together into packs. Whilst these packs cover the majority of items you will need you may still wish to source additional items depending on the specification of your car.


All prices are fully inclusive of V.A.T


We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more   information on products, current promotions and custom options.

DVT GT headlining panel




Complete one piece panel finished in luxury headlining fabric.





DVT GT Alloy knob




5 speed satin alloy gear knob to suit DVT GT gear selector






Replica Dino Front Grill




will fit DVT GT and earlier Deon DGT replicas.





Front servo cover panel




As original Ferrari Dino

item in GRP.



Pair of Dino style mirrors




Pair of Italian style mirrors

as fitted to original Dinos.




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