The Dino 206 GT


At the Paris Motor Show in 1965 Ferrari introduced the world to its first mid engine production car, the Dino Berlinetta Speciale.


It was based on a competition 206 SP chassis and fitted with an alloy

V6 engine. The ‘Dino’ prototype was completed in December 1966 and followed by a series production of the 206 GT from June 1968.

Production ended just a year later in 1969 when the 246 GT was introduced.


The Ferrari 206 GT is perhaps the rarest of the production Dino models

and can be distinguished by certain design differences. Knock off Cromadora wheels, wood rimmed steering wheel, chrome plated fuel filler cap, unique exhaust tips, exterior lighting and special interior appointments.


Just 153 examples of the Ferrari 206 GT Dino were built, this accounts for less than 5% of the total 4,067 Dino models built.


In 2014 a Dino GT was sold by Gooding & Co for the sum of $748,000.


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